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Rhododendron Anthopogon has a complex aromatic profile that is balsamic, coniferous as well as floral and sweet. Rhododendron essential oil, also known as "Sunpati" is famed for its grounding and centering properties. Many find it to be very cleansing and clarifying and can be mixed with shampoo, conditioner, and body washes.


From an emotional perspective, Rhododendron is used to help with anxiety, PTSD, confidence, trauma, issues associated with the heart and energetic protection. It also is able to help us connect with and find spiritual community and family. 


The leaves and fresh flowers are made into a tea by Himalayan healers and drunk to stimulate appetite and relieve liver disorders. Anthopogen tea is also used for sore throat, to remove body heat, fire headaches, fire back pain, cold, blood disorders, and bone disease. It is commonly used in incense and is considered a sacred fragrance.


In Tibetan Medicine, the flowers, leaves and stems are commonly used for bile disorders, cold disorders in general, and cold disorders of the kidneys. It is one of the herbs in the "Five Nectars" combination used as a medicinal bath. It is used to reenergize and purify the energies of the body, as well as support the muscles, skin, blood and internal organs. 


Color: Pale yellow 

Aroma: Sweet herbal, slightly balsamic 

Cultivation/Harvesting: Wild-Harvested 

Plant Parts used: Young twigs with leaves 

Extraction Method: Steam distilled 

Origin: Nepal 

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