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Chinese Herbs and Mushrooms


All of our Chinese herbs and mushrooms are grown in ways that surpass organic standards, although they are not certified. They are all cultivated and semi-wildly crafted in remote and pristine areas where they are naturally found. This level of quality is known as Di Tao. The herbs are grown in the specific regions, soil, weather, and native environment where they will produce the best medicine.


Testing - All of our Chinese herbs and mushrooms go through extensive testing for heavy metals, pesticide residue, aflatoxins, microbial pathogens and key bioactive ingredients.


Extraction process - Most of our Chinese herbs and mushrooms are full spectrum 10:1 extracts. This process takes around 10kg of fresh herb to make 1kg of our dried herb power. For most of our herbs purified water is the main extraction solvent. In simple terms, the extracts are essentially the powdered form of a very strong herbal tea. 


The concentrated liquid extracts are dried by using an ultra-high-speed spray dryer. During this process, the liquid herbal concentration is atomized into fine droplets, which are thrown radially into a moving stream of hot gas. The temperature of the droplets is immediately increased and fine droplets get dried instantaneously in the spherical particles. This whole drying process is completed in a few seconds and ensures strong herbal potency. 


During the extraction process, an oil trap connected to the extraction system is used to capture and preserve the volatile oils. The oils are blended back into the extracts at the end of the process. Essential oils increase efficacy and infuse the herbs with their natural aroma and bioactive components.



Essential Oils 


Our distiller in Nepal is committed to ethically sourcing and growing the highest quality herbs available. More than 90% of the people working with them are women. Their strong efforts for social and environmental change have created reliable supply chains benefiting the local communities for years. Purchasing these oils helps to give back to these communities and ecosystems and helps ensure their organic and sustainable practices can continue. All of our essential oils are third-party tested for purity, adulterants, diluents, and contaminates. Copies of the GC-MS testing are available upon request.



Miron glass & packaging 

We avoid plastic wherever possible. Besides our amber essential oil bottles, our jars are Miron violet glass. These are the best jars available for preserving the freshness and potency of the herbs, and they block out almost all natural light from aging the herbs. They are great jars to reuse for food items, sauces, other herbs and much more! We do our best to use recycled and eco-friendly materials during shipping packaging and beyond. 





Pālaka (पालक) -  a guardian or protector 


It is our mission to provide our customers with the best botanical medicines possible, to heal and nourish their body, mind, and spirit and help protect their health in this ever-changing world. We are committed to sourcing the best quality organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs available and giving back to the communities where they come from. We also pledge to give back to organizations that help protect and preserve medicinal plants as well as our beautiful earth.






Kevin Barker is an Herbalist, Practitioner of Ayurveda, and Licensed Massage Therapist. He has over eight years of experience in the natural healing fields. Kevin has had an interest in indigenous cultures, their healing systems, and fitness since his youth. In his later teenage years, he became very interested and immersed in Herbalism, Ayurveda, Yoga, and the spiritual traditions of India. Aside From his academic and Self-studies, he has been blessed to work closely with some of the best Herbalists, Naturopathic Doctors, and Ayurvedic practitioners in the country from a young age. He has also spent time studying Ayurveda in Nepal as well as India. Deeply moved by the by medicinal plant loss and ecological destruction that he saw in the Himalayas his desire to support these communities that have helped him and so many others was sparked even more, thus giving birth to Palaka Botanicals. 


Kevin is very passionate and committed to his work and helping his clients. He lives in Southern California, while maintaining his practice Karuna Healing Arts

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